Problems of Education in Developing Countries and Africa We’re Hoping To Solve

1. Kids can’t afford to go to schools, the ones that can afford cannot go to very good schools.

Educate The African Child project [ETAC] which is a charity programme designed to help countries with many out of school children. With ETAC, we’ll give out scholarships, sponsorships and adopt talented indigents for

2. Tutors are poor, underpaid and not researching enough.

Make tutors earn money from their intellectual properties through our NFT marketplace.
This will help them earn enough to invest in more knowledge through extensive research. Also, help experts by giving them the platform to widen their scope through organizing trainings, conferences, seminars and symposia in the MetaVerse.

3. Limited Access to Adequate teaching and learning aids. Some learning apps and websites in the internet are limited to certain countries only.

Create access to decentralized teaching and learning tools, accessible to all. In our Virtual Edu Village 3Ducation, Tutors and Learners will access 3D objects to cater for Audio-Visual learning aids, not just read and seeing pictures but touching them and interacting with them. We’ll incorporate AI, and other modern technologies to make the learning experience a more interesting one.

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